Everything is better with Jesus.

Everything gets better in Jesus’ presence. And it’s very easy to forget that. It’s so easy to believe that things get better when the pain goes away, or when things get more comfortable, or when stressful situations finally pass.

But situations come and go.

The pain may end, but then it comes back.

And comfort can only last so long.

But, Jesus is always same (Heb 1:12). And in his presence there are pleasures forever more (Ps 16:11). This world is always changing. And life is hectic. Life is always demanding one thing or another. It is always pushing or pulling at us. But in Jesus’ presence things are always better. In Christ, I am always loved. I am always accepted. I am always treated as a son. In Christ, I am made completely new. Jesus’ presence makes everything better.

Mark 5:25-29 tells the story of a woman who had been sick for 12 years. She was in a painful and hopeless situation. And for 12 years. I mean, that’s a long time. And yet when she saw Jesus, she had the confidence to approach him and say, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well”. And as she touched his garment, she was immediately healed. By simply touching the end of his robe. Just by grasping hold of it, things got better. Crazy, no? But this is Jesus. This is what he is about. He makes everything better.

Nothing and no one else makes things better than Jesus. And to be in his presence is for everything to be better. And why? Because he died to sin that we might be forgiven. Because he rose to new life that we might have life in his name. He became a curse for us that we might be accepted. And he is ushering in a new and redeemed cosmos where there is no more pain, no more tears, and no more death.

Come to Jesus. Because he makes everything better.


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