Sin runs deep, but Christ runs deeper

I had to take a stab on a Mike Huckabee video that surfaced recently on Facebook. After the senseless carnage that occurred on Friday, many were asking questions, looking for answers, and trying to make sense of it all. Many tried to “tell us so” when it came to gun control policies, and others tried to call foul on Obama’s abortion policies after his tear-filled speech on the senseless death of children. For some good blogs on the utter tactlessness of that, go to Doug Wilson’s post, “That will soon be enough”, HERE.

But for now, I want to look at Huckabee’s comment on those who asked, “where is God?”. I like Huckabee’s passion. I like that he is outspoken about his love for Jesus. But this video is just wrong. I mean, wrong.

Go ahead and click on this link to watch it HERE, and then read commentary below on it:

Here in this video, Mike tries to answer the question, “where was God when Lanza shot all these children?”. What a question to answer! I mean, what a GOOD question for unbelievers and believers alike to ask! It’s not a shallow question. It’s a DEEP question. It’s one that needs meditation, thought, sensitivity, and biblical consideration. Huckabee did none of this when he answered the WHY of this question. What did Huckabee say? He said, “America, you have removed God from your society, and therefore, it’s your fault”. Huh. Well that sucks. It’s my fault. And of course Huckabee says it’s not just about prayer and all that stuff. No, it’s everything you’ve been doing to remove God from your life, society, AND schools. Oh ok, so not JUST schools, but everything. Thanks. But listen to the answer behind the answer…

What Huckabee is saying is that if we had a Christianized society, this horrible sin would be taken care of. It would have never happened! I mean really? If every person said “yes” to Jesus in the work place, in the schools, in their homes, Lanza would’ve never done this. More than that, SIN as we know it would stop affecting our society. Really? No murder? No crime? No stealing? And of course…no mass shootings…But is that true? Well, no.

I mean, come on Huckabee. As a Christian, you know that sin runs much deeper than that. Even Jesus rebuked that mindset in Matthew 15:19, saying that “out of the HEART proceeds every evil…”. Sure, I agree that our society has largely rejected Christ. Yep. No question. But our sin does not proceed forth from our upbringing. Our sin does not proceed from society’s influences on us. I mean yes, it helps us sin. Pornography is available to lustful teenagers. Drugs are available to lazy pot smokers. But is that the MAIN issue? NO. Our sin proceeds forth from the HEART. Our sin runs much deeper than the influences of our society.

So, I am not happy with Huckabee’s answer here. Sure, I agree. America as a whole has said no to Jesus. Yes, abortion runs rampant. Yes, sexual promiscuity is all over the place. But America is that way because of our hearts. The issue goes much deeper than you’d like to admit here.

And luckily, Christ is not one to give up on the core of the human heart. No, he goes much deeper. Christ goes into the depths. Christ goes into the crevices of our hearts and makes us new. Sin runs deep, but Christ runs deeper. There is no place that Christ cannot go. In fact, in describing salvation, Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, that when we are saved, we are made a completely new creation (in the GK, a new species). We are newly reborn, with new hearts, new desires, and a new refreshed desire for God.

So what’s the answer, Huckabee? Is it a Christianized society? Well, that’d be nice. But it can’t start there. Societies don’t save anyone. Christ saves. He alone saves. Not prayer in schools, not Bible reading — Jesus alone saves. So, Huckabee, think again before you point the finger.

As John Piper said in a recent post about the shootings (full post HERE),

“the murders of Newtown are a warning to me — and you. Not a warning to see our schools as defenseless, but to see our souls as depraved. To see our need for a Savior. To humble ourselves in repentance for the God-diminishing bitterness of our hearts. To turn to Christ in desperate need, and to treasure his forgiveness, his transforming, and his friendship”.

Why did this happen? Sin. Our hearts are evil. We are to our core, evil. Now I don’t claim to have a drawn out answer as to where God was. I know God to be sovereign, and I know that he knows all things. I also know that he weaves even the worst of events into good (Rom 8:28). But Huckabee’s answer was just not deep enough, because sin runs deeper. But thank God that Christ goes even deeper into the depths.

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