What I’m Reading (Oct 2016)

Here is a list of books that I’ve only recently began reading. Would highly recommend all of them to you:

NT Wright has just released his newest work on the atonement. I’ve only began to read, but it seems as if Wright is leaning toward a Christus victor view of the atonement. He views sins as idolatry, a giving-over of oneself to demonic powers. Christ has come to release us from the powers through his own obedience to the Father, and so on. Wright, even at his most polemical (warning, he is not a fan of Western cultural Christianity!), is always a great read!

Fleming Rutledge is a famous Episcopal preacher. While she’s been around for quite some, I’ve only heard of her from this new release. She’s a Barthian, and so her take on the atonement will be participatory, cosmic, eschatological. She’s also a great preacher! Go check her out on youtube.

Joseph Ratzinger, better known as Pope Benedict XVI, is by far one of my favorite theologians and authors. He’s at once captivating, rich, and understandable. His Introduction to Christianity was a breath of fresh air for me, and sent me searching for all of his works. This book is on the church, and it has an interesting outline: It begins with his two-fold definition of the church (ekklesia and the body of Christ), works through his understanding of the papacy, and finally ends with the task of the bishop (pastor) and the local church. Although I’m not Catholic, this work is very well thought-out and quite rich.

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