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About Me:

Hello there!

My name is Lucas. I’m a Christian, husband, daddy, and pastor. I have a wife, Andrea, and two little ones, Anya and Eliza. Currently we live and minister in Batesville AR at Fellowship Bible Church. I am associate pastor there, which includes overseeing students, classes, groups, and preaching. I am currently getting my Masters at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Doctrinally, I am like to call myself a “Reformed Catholic”, meaning that I believe in the breadth of the tradition contained in the church catholic, but I also find myself inside the Reformation stream, and am principally Protestant. However, I appreciate all of the ecclesial traditions. I believe in ecumenism, and that Christ wants his church to be as unified as possible. I affirm the historic ecumenical creeds: Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian.

This blog is more or less a means for me to — rather unprofessionally — examine theology, church history, practice and ministry. And to invite you into the conversation as well. I do hope you enjoy the read! Feel free to comment, as long as you’re nice!

For more information, you can follow my twitter account here, or follow my Facebook account here. Or you can go to the “Contact Me” page. That sends straight to my email.

May God bless you!


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